Ox & Barley



When it comes to preserving and protecting leather goods - we look no further than our very own BarleyBalm™. Every tin is hand poured in small batches with just three natural ingredients. Pure cocoa butter, natural Texas beeswax and our own organic oil blend.

100% natural, 100% made the hard way in Harrisonburg, Virginia!

A little goes a long way and with a 4 to 5 year shelf life, this 1 oz tin should last you quite a while.

How to apply:

  1. Ensure your leather goods are clean and dry
  2. Massage a tiny bit it into your leather product by hand (preferred) or with a soft cloth
  3. It is absolutely safe to rub any excess into beard or skin
  4. Expect a bit of darkening of your leather goods as the pores soak in the nourishing ingredients, this tends to dissipate and return to normal after a few days
  5. Buff with a cotton cloth 15-20 minutes after application
  6. Repeat as needed to restore and protect your fine leather goods

This product is not recommended for use on suede. Not intended as a waterproofer, although the wax content of our balm will help repel water. Non-toxic and safe for skin. While we swear by this product and use it on ALL our goods, expectations vary and you should always test for results on an inconspicuous area before fully treating leather.